Working Not Working Sells to Fiverr

 wrote this 10 months ago in Freelancer News

Fiverr acquires freelance creative network Working Not Working | The Drum

Fiverr, the online marketplace for freelancer services has snapped up Working Not Working, a talent platform which sources freelance creatives for the likes of Google, Netflix, Spotify, Droga5, and Wieden+Kennedy.

Personally, I found this section of their press release to be way more appalling than the Fiverr acquisition:

We were happy chugging along as a 10-person punk rock company doing punk rock things...


Upon announcement of the acquisition, Design Twitter started doing what they do best – deleting accounts and posting indignant screenshots.

I've never used Working Not Working so I don't really care. (I'm actually not even anti-Fiverr.)

But man, the founder seems incredibly mature and level-headed. Hooray for him I guess. 

Have you guys used Working Not Working?

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