What Are You Working on This Week? 9/13/21

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Leave a comment with the ONE major goal you'd like to accomplish this week in your business.


For Folyo I'm focused on partnerships this week. I want to line up an affiliate partnership with someone who has a complimentary list (5,000+ freelancers or agencies) we can promote Endless Clients to.

And for Inter (my new community app) I'm focused on early-stage distribution. I'd like to publish a few resources targeting some low competition, bottom of the funnel keywords. Won't see results on it for months so I figure it's better to get started now.
I'm going to do some more outreach via LinkedIn and schedule some calls! My method is to use spreadsheets to organize my outreach, while being pretty choosey with ideal clients... and leveraging current contacts / highlighting their pain points.
I'm going to use a tip I read about using Linkedin to find clients by searching: "rfp web development", filter by content , sort by latest.

I have a standard proposal template that I use and recently created standardized website packages focused on e-commerce offerings.

The kind of projects I'm looking for are either clients who want e-commerce on WordPress (small to medium) or marketing websites optimized for lead capture. Projects that would take 1 to 3 months tops that a team of 1 or 2 people can handle.

I'm based in Trinidad and Tobago and businesses here are behind in e-commerce but COVID-19 has lit a fire under their bums, so there is interest in selling online now... but they're not very educated or savvy about what it takes so I decided it would be more understandable and easier for them to make decisions based on preset fixed cost packages.

I also have a doc on payment gateways and shipping options as we cannot used us based companies like PayPal and stripe because they don't support our banks. There is only one major payment gateway player in the Caribbean unfortunately.

I researched a top local competitor to see their offerings and prices as well as look at DIY options like Square Space, Wix, or Shopify to see why they offer and pricing. Exchange rate here is about 6.8TTD to 1 USD. Plus those companies don't support our banks, though some local devs have made plugins for Shopify, haven't seen for Square Space or Wix.

Based on my research I have 3 packages: Mini, Micro, Macro which you can e-commerce add on for 15k TTD with standard Woocommerce features including some marketing stuff like Facebook online chat (heavy Facebook users in this country), Facebook product sync, Mailchimp for Woocommerce etc. I also created 3 demo sites to show them what each one could look like.

The packages range for 1 page, 5 page, unlimited pages, all included designs for a blog, contact form , email address from Zoho mail, 1 year free hosting Siteground, 1 year free domain. Prices are 3.5k,5.k, 12k (TTD).

The market is small here so that's why I wanted to use Linkedin and see what projects international market offers and how can I tailor my offerings.
This week I am checking the buyer's request section frequently to send as many well written offers as possible daily. My writing process for developing the offer includes:
  1. Making the message feel personal by including the buyer's name in the offer.
  2. Acknowledging the requests made.
  3. State how I fit their requirements in a manner that does not appear arrogant.
  4. Thanking the customer for considering the offer and letting them know you are eager to work with them .
  5.  Set a reasonable price within bidding range and the customer's budget.
To me a well written offer is one that makes the customer feel like they got special attention and their needs will be catered to by a professional.

I'm also promoting my freelance work across social media platforms as well as having friends etc repost it, and making use of hashtags and graphics to grab viewers attention.
For the week ending February 19 the one thing I'm doing is to continue juggling the current 10 tactics to carry out my strategy of constructing a marketing and sales pipeline that includes more than 12 focused touches to build up a response from selected qualified potential prospects:
  • I'm having my VA continue to make 40 cold calls a day on VP's of Technology from a purchased list of 3,000 (out of 44,000)
  • I'm having my VA begin to trigger my new 4-message cold email drip with the first cold call in each contact's phone sequence
  • I'm having my VA continue to make LinkedIn connection requests with the first cold call for each contact
  • I'm completing an ASK Method style deep dive online survey to put in front of the opt-in form on my website, linked from my LI profile, to tune the wording in my offer
  • I'm still trying to get my new, only, and freshly-banned-yesterday Facebook account and business page reactivated, which used to link to my website for the two days that it was up
  • I'm continuing to work with Emphatic and Connect365 to begin using their systems and daily ghost-written custom content to create awareness of my offering on the part of my purchased contacts, and link to my website
  • I'm preparing slides for a live video presentation on how I achieve results for my clients, offered by appointment on my website
  • I'm sitting in on a session with an expert on establishing an online reputation for expertise through writing, speaking and authority positioning
  • I'm conferring 1-on-1 with an expert on media promotion for B2B consultants
  • I'm asking a bestselling business book author for permission to use an excerpt from his work in my pipeline, through a personal acquaintance and former colleague who now works at the author's firm.
Hi Robert, thanks for this post. I just started the Endless Clients program and am setting up my system on Feedbin as mentioned on the course.
 Things I tried last week:
  • Installed a chrome extension to see if my emails are getting opened
  • Created a Kanban table on Airtable to track my prospects
  • Reached out to a few people on Folyo Slack to connect with
  • Added Upwork feed and submitted a few proposals
Things I will doing this week:
  • Follow-up with people I reached out to last week
  • Research Upwork clients on the internet and reach out to them via email
  • Send 10 (3 done) cold emails pitching services
  • Meet up with a fellow Folyo member on call
Thanks for building this course Robert. I’m really grateful.
I'm going through government RFP sites to find opportunities every day. I already was successful a few weeks ago finding one interesting opportunity and yesterday got the contract! I will be doubling down on it and try to be more effective and finding more potential opportunities. 

And I agree getting the newsletter is a good reminder of finding other opportunities. So far most of them were not a good fit. But if only one plays out in the year it was worth paying for it :) Have a great day.
I'm going to finish my RFP template. One thing that keeps me from submitting RFP's is that it feels daunting to create one. I'm finally putting in the work to create a solid template that I can use as a starting point whenever I need to submit something.

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