Wah Gwaan Community, I'm Anthony from Kingston, Jamaica!

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Wah Gwaan Community, I'm Anthony from Kingston, Jamaica!

Hi, I'm Anthony from Kingston, Jamaica!
I started a Virtual Assistant business on Fiverr and Upwork (links below) to assist entrepreneurs who don't have time to manage the small stuff. I not only assist them administratively but also cater to their Social Media Management by creating content that will appeal to their target audience and by extension new logos to make their brand more iconic to viewers. I currently do not have a website but I do have an Instagram page (@virtualassistant_anthony)  where I make trendy posts and updates on my services offered. 

Something un-work related that's interesting about me is my passion for anything Science, Medical, Pathology, Business and Technology related. Praises to those who dare to push past the boundaries of what we know into the unknown as well as those who dare to be innovative in finding more efficient ways to do the things we normally do!

My favourite resources from the past month have been: Dubsado, Instagram and Youtube.


Hi Anthony! Welcome man. I'm a big fan of Jamaican culture and music. A couple of my favorites are, of course, Bob and King Yellowman. 

Back in High School I had a car which that only played cassettes and the only cassette I owned was the Harder They Come soundtrack, which we played A LOT.

Glad you're here.
Hi Anthony, 
Nice to see a fellow Caribbean person. I'm from Trinidad and Tobago, specifically Tobago.
I've heard so many nice things about Trinidad and Tobago specifically Tobago. I'd love to hear more about it from you sometime and also what you do as a freelancer!

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