Using Google to Find Private Sector RFPs and Leads for Agencies

 wrote this 9 months ago in Freelancer News
I'd like to adapt the Endless Clients system to help me find high-paying projects for agencies like ours (15-20 individual company). 

Our two primary focuses right now from a prospect perspective are:
  • Engineering firms, 11-50 person company
  • Startups with seed / series A funding
Using the Endless Clients system, I'd like to target these as we have great reference websites for both.

For a boolean search via Google, what might be some terms / search sequence phrasing we could implement to get into both niches?


Thanks for the question, Jack.

Most of the tools in the Endless Clients system work for agencies. I've found that trusting in it and being diligent about using them consistently over the long haul is key, whether you're a freelancer or agency.

It does take some trust especially at first to believe in the system and let it work / tune it to your business but increasing the amount of proposals sent by 5-10 per week is definitely doable for your agency.

With that said, here are a few tweaks you might try to look for warm leads who are open to working with agencies:

LinkedIn Searches:
LinkedIn search example

LinkedIn Message for Private RFPs
  • Sometimes you'll have to message the person to get the actual RFP on LinkedIn, like this one. This works great because it opens up the conversation.  To target these types of RFPs you could add the following words to your search: "DM" "send me a message" "email" in addition to "RFP" or whatever you're using.
  • Here's a super simple template for that:
Hi my company is interested in submitting an RFP do you have any more information for me?
Example of Private RFP

Additional RFP Sites to Consider
  • Everything PR – mostly a PR / marketing RFP site but they occasionally have design work and you can add their RSS feed to your RSS reader. 
  • RFPGurus – haven't used them before but looks like it might have a few to add weekly.
  • BidPrime – looks more government focused than you want but still probably a few worth applying to regularly.
  • RFPALOOZA – overall probably the worst site design of the bunch but thought I'd include it because they do have decent volume.
Google Searches:

Feedback On Niches
  • I'd be careful with targeting niches like "Startups who have just received seed / series A funding" at this point. Startups is a niche that I constantly see people struggle with. But I don't see a lot of Startups hiring via RFP. They will typically hire full-time employees or freelancers via job post. It doesn't make sense to target a niche that categorically doesn't hire your business. Not saying that's 100% the case in every situation, but something to be aware of. I've found targeting "startups" can have poor results because there's lots of freelancers / agencies looking but relatively few gigs to go around. 

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