Twenty Bits Book by Dan Cederholm (founder of Dribbble)

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Twenty Bits I Learned Book – SimpleBits

After retiring from co-founding, Dribbble, I reflected on 20 things I'd learned over the course of a decade designing and creating a community for creative folks. Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community is fun little hardcover book that collects those thoughts along with some arguably-artistic dood

I came across this book the other day called Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community.

It's by the founder of Dribbble, Dan Cederholm. Super short read (like 15 minutes total) but quite relevant to the design community so I thought I'd share a short overview here.

Essentially, the book is a list of 20 things that Dan learned during his time starting and growing Dribbble.

Here's a a quick look at the 20 bits:

  1. Start with a T-shirt
  2.  Your first members are critical
  3.  Pave the cowpaths
  4. Choose your partner wisely
  5. Find a good lawyer & accountant
  6. Don't be afraid to throw things away
  7. Persistent iteration over flashy launches:
  8. Not knowing what you're doing is okay
  9. Grow thick skin–quickly
  10. Typography is the best skill you can learn
  11. Trends come and go... and come back again
  12. Everything is temporary and that's okay
  13. No #13 – it's unlucky
  14. Don't be superstitious
  15. People & relationships are what's most important
  16. Stay sharp with side projects
  17. Identify when you're being stubborn
  18. Write, teach, & share while you're learning
  19. Take care of yourself first
  20. Know when to let go
Overall, definitely worth a read. But what I truly love about the book is the attention to detail of the physical book. The book feels amazing, has fun illustrations, and comes with some fun stickers too. If you want a copy of the book, post below and I'll pick a random person to gift a copy.

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