StoryBrand Scandal: Donald Miller's Connection to Sex Criminals

 wrote this 2 months ago in Freelancer News

StoryBrand Scandal: I Kissed Dating Goodbye, Purity Culture, Josh Harris, Donald Miller, and…Josh Duggar??? 19 WTFs And Counting - Rachael Kay Albers

Here's what Joshua Harris, Donald Miller, and StoryBrand have to do with Josh Duggar being arrested for child pornography.

Rachel Kay Albers reports on Donald Miller's connection to Joshua Harris


I've all but given up reading business books this year. This report by Rachael Kay Albers highlights part of the reason why. Business books are written from the perspective of someone who has it all figured out. But that's not human. No one has it all figured out.

If they tell you they do they're lying. Why start out a relationship on a lie?Every book you read is going to contradict some other book by some other expert. How can you reconcile the two perspectives? I couldn't. 

This is a larger point than what this particular story on StoryBrand is about: a prominent author's connection to sex criminals. Which is shockingly horrible, even for a business guru (which is saying something.)

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