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Let's get to know each other!

What kind of freelance work do you do? Share your portfolio and a few sentences about what kind of clients you're looking for.

Then find look for someone you can help connect with a referral or new opportunity. 
Hi I'm Benny! Freelance UI / UX designer here. Still working on my portfolio but past clients include mostly B2B SaaS companies. Looking forward to getting to know others from the community and grow my freelance business. 

Hi Benny! Keep working on that portfolio but don't fret – there are a ton of freelancers landing client work without one.

A couple months ago I actually put together a portfolio because I applied for a job at Basecamp. The work in it was all personal projects and I gave a super short before and after description of the work.

portfolio I put together for basecamp

I actually got through the entire interview process and even did a test project for them. If you're curious you can check out the portfolio I sent them here + a follow up portfolio piece here.

Portfolios don't have to be super exhaustive.

Hi, Freelancer community! and special thanks to mister Robert Williams, I'm zack, a frontend developer, and I would love to give me feedback about my portfolio: Z A C K | Welcome.

Hey Zack! Awesome looking portfolio. The digency project looks like the best piece. The other ones I'm sure are great behind the scenes, just a little basic the way you've structured them, as pure demos. I like that you've self-hosted them so we can see them in their completeness. I'd still thinking about adding some context behind the work. 
  • What was the brief? 
  • What did the client need? 
  • What was their budget/timeline like? 
  • What's the best way for a potential client to hire you?
These things would help a freelance client see whether you're a fit for their project. Great, client-focused portfolio to check out: Ethercyle.

Hello, Freelance Community! My name is Timo. I just started my own web development company with two business partners. I was wondering if someone had some time to check out our website: . Please let me know your thoughts on it. 

Hi Timo, welcome to the community!

I just started my own web development company with two business partners. I was wondering if someone had some time to check out our website:

I checked it out and have some thoughts. But first, how is the website performing for you? I don't like to make recommendations on what to change unless you're willing to accept that changes are needed. If you're not, totally fine, but I'll save us both some time. So do you feel like the site needs to be improved to get you clients? Why or why not?

Hi freelancer community!, I'm Shegz. I'm a UI/UX designer. I've worked with agencies and startups. I look forward to doing more work in any industry but I'm very much interested in Blockchain/fintech projects. I'm also looking to learn designing for AR/VR. Here's my portfolio on dribbble:

Looking forward to connecting with everyone and also being of value to everyone in this community

Hi all - just found out about this site on product hunt. I started freelancing recently as a paid marketing strategist, after 8 years in an agency. Website is in progress, so I've added a link to my LinkedIn at the bottom

Also, has anyone generated any leads from LinkedIn's Service Page per this video?:

If you are a freelance designer and have a solid portfolio. Connect with me. Looking for a good UI/UX Designer who has experience with landing page and mobile UI/UX design. 

Howdy all,
Thanks Robert for these wonderful tools and great community. 
I am a designer who spans UX strategy to UI dev. I also have an incomplete public portfolio for my small studio at, but it is slowly taking shape. Been keeping busy with UX work on consulting contracts and freelance work. Nice to meet everyone and look forward to getting to know and network with you. 

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