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Alert: NBCUniversal predatory freelance listing

 wrote this 24 days ago in General
Alert: NBCUniversal predatory freelance listing
In prepping today's lead newsletter I came across this post on Coroflot:
NBCUniversal Freelance listing

One of the job requirements is, I kid you not: 
Must be accessible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Not only is this impossible (and stupid)... it's just plain illegal. There's no mention of on-call pay. Which, according to US Labor Laws would be needed for this sort of requirement.

I doubt this makes a difference to them, but I posted about it on Twitter in hopes that perhaps a few people see it and we can protect a freelance worker from this sort of BS.


To hell with them on that listing. They need to get a reality check. These sort of stupid requirements on job listings is part of the problem in the job market. It's illegal and uncalled for on them listing that as a requirement.

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