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Cold emailing local businesses about my web design services

 wrote this 21 days ago in General
Hello, I was wondering about some ideas on how I could outbound approach local businesses who I feel have websites that I think could look much better to help market their services. I have been trying to figure out a good way to handle this without seeming spammy and feeling like I'm wasting time reaching out to someone who may not be looking for my services.


If you can think of a better title for this post, feel free to change it. I am hoping to just get a good conversation going and kick ideas around. I love conversation.

Hi Amy 👋

I think it might help to get a bit more specific. What sort of businesses are you looking at? What do you mean by "could look much better to help market their services"? Is there a specific niche you're looking at currently or one that is in your portfolio that you enjoyed working with and could show some good results for?

That's where I think I'd start, then we can go from there.

Amy, outreach has always been, and still is my achilles heel, and cold calls are the worst. I agree with Robert, showing past work in a similar niche to that of a prospect does offer context for consideration on the part of the potential client. 

I believe a lot of small businesses forget what a website is supposed to do for them. Reminding them with a bullet pointed email and tactfully showing areas for improvement within their existing website may provide an open door for a conversation with a decision maker. 

You might even go so far as redesigning a really poor quality website to show a potential customer its potential as a marketing tool, then offer to sell it to them, but be careful, as this tends to undercut the value that should be placed on first listening to what the customer's business needs are.

Networking is a really effective way to acquire paying customers by first offering your advice to a group, be it on LinkedIn or your local Chamber of Commerce, on a limited pro bono basis.

Happy to continue the conversation, hope this helps!

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