Is It Really Worthwhile to Have a Personal Portfolio?

 wrote this about 1 month ago in Freelancer News

Is It Really Worthwhile Having a Personal Portfolio?

As information is spread so quickly through social media, are potential clients really going to take the time to visit your personal website?

What do you think has changed in recent years when it comes to how you approach your personal portfolio? Is it even worth it to have your own hosted website portfolio? Why or why not?


Thanks for sharing this. While I do see value in having a personal portfolio, it can be tempting to just throw up a template that looks like every other creative on the market. I am gradually putting some things together, but have chosen to focus on other avenues to secure work, be that contract work or freelancing via social media, word of mouth etc. 

Forgot to add good old one to one conversations and pitches to people I meet locally too. About to secure a web site and social media marketing contract just from chatting with a gent who helped me jump my car.  :)

He was looking for someone to help him with his new business. Wouldn't have found this opp if I didn't talk and tell what I do. 

Interesting Rodney! What activities have you found to be worth your time on social media?
I have been participating in conversation on LinkedIn mostly. Via those discussions have found leads for work, more network partners and even was invited to speak on UX matters at a developers conference recently.  
And thanks for this service. I plan to be more active in this community too!
Came across this today which looks like a great example of what a good personal portfolio could look like in 2021.

It exhibits your expertise and gives clients a reason to give you their contact info and keep building trust. (Added bonus of being a nice way to transition to products.)

Sorta reminds me of SamuelHulick's:

These case studies are such a nice way to prove you know what you're talking about without needing to have a million big names in your portfolio

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