How to Find the Right Outbound Sales Marketing Message?

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Enjoying Endless Clients so much! Thank you. 

However, I’m a bit stuck on the Data-Driven Positioning Module. Based on my research the top 3 pains and emotions my potential clients are experiencing when they come to me are:
  1. Frustration with website backend
  2. Embarrassment/shame of ugly website and making a bad impression/not looking credible
  3. Stress/worry of missing out on opportunities and not booking enough clients
The next step in the lesson is to reverse engineer what the clients goals are by answering:

What are 3 specific ways you could reverse these emotions?

However, I find I keep coming up with solutions, not goals. Can you give me an example of what a goal looks like for these? 


First off, this is a great question. It's clear that you've done the work so far and have uncovered some very real pains clients are experiencing.

As you mentioned, the next step is to turn those pains into goals – and the reason I included this exercise in Endless Clients is because our brains naturally want to skip the end. 

We uncover that our clients are "frustrated with their website backend" and naturally want to jump to "a website backend service that's not frustrating." But in reality, it serves us to take a step back and think about it more deeply.

The truth is "a website back-end" or any solution we can come up with, isn't what people want to buy. The value isn't in the solution, it's in the outcome. That comes first and need to be outlined for the client before you present any solution. Always.

And while this sounds high-level... it's really not. It's more like a math equation.

And since you've already done a great job of outlining the top 3 painful emotions clients feel before they hire you, now you can simply reverse those emotions to figure out what clients really want.

How do you do that? By literally taking the pains and writing a polar opposite sentence. You can even go word for word using a thesaurus to find the antonym of each word.

For example, what's the opposite of: 
  • frustration?
  • embarrassment/shame? 
  • a bad impression? 
  • stress/worry? 
  • missing out on opportunities?
And on down the line.

Simply finding the opposite emotion of each word in these sentences and combining it to create a "dream-like" scenario is how you tap into the real goal or outcome a client wants to achieve.

When you find the reverse side of these pains–and they're something you actively hear clients say they desire–that's when you have a super powerful marketing message.

You can use their real quotes to make them feel like you understand their problem. Then paint a dream that reverses those pains. That's when clients feel like you're reading their mind. That will let you present potential clients with what they ACTUALLY want to buy: an outcome.

Once they're able to see themselves in that "dream-like" scenario – your solution/service becomes a triviality.

And the gold is in actually coming up with these yourself. So I won't provide an example for your situation but I will point you to some examples we include later in the course.

What about you?

  • What do you think? 
  • What are clients top pains when they come to you? 
  • How do you think about what they're really buying from you? 
  • Is it just your solution or an outcome that they want?

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