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How to Reply to Google Groups Opportunity

 wrote this 6 months ago in General
Really dumb question but I’ve never interacted with Google Groups before. I got this lead from your newsletter.
image (4).png 259 KB

Seeing as how “Reply all” is the only way to respond, I assume that’s the norm? 😅 Just don’t want to break social norms here as I’m trying to track down a lead.


Hey Ashley!

Not a dumb question at all ... in fact, Google Groups is a bit ambiguous about things like this to say the least.

To answer your question: yes – I’ve seen numerous people use the reply all (in this group group in particular).

When I go to that post, I actually do see an email attached:
image (2).png 28 KB

And similarly, when I look below the post, the "reply to author" button is not grayed out like it is for you:
image (3).png 27.6 KB
I think this is because I'm logged into my Google account or maybe because I'm a member of the group? Not sure. Try logging in and requesting membership in the group.

Then since they mention in the post that you should contact them directly, I would use either the email or the reply to author button to respond.

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