How to do Lead Generation in Industry Dominated by Recruiting

 wrote this 9 months ago in Freelancer News
From what I'm seeing, a lot of the jobs that come up are typically through recruiter so I am unable to access the company or see any of the details that would allow me to contact a person. 

I'm in the Dynamics NAV / NAV 360 niche and I'm looking for opportunities for an agency. Any recommendations?


Hi Kristina! Here's a recording of my screen as I went through and searched for some contract opportunities in your niche:

Some notes:
  • Definitely recruiter dominated, I included some tips for how to filter that out. LinkedIn seemed especially bad. (You might try sales navigator).
  • It's going to take time and experimentation. Especially to find sources for your system around this specific niche. Since only a handful of the included feeds were relevant, I pulled those out into a separate file for you. (Attached to this email is a that you can import into Feedbin).
  • For sites with no RSS like I recommend using the email alerts (I walk-through how that would work in the video).
  • Keep an eye on terms clients use when posting contracts or RFPs, they may not be searching for the phrase "dynamics nav" necessarily and instead might be looking for an "order management system" (just an example). Some clients may not even mention technology at all, but may care more about the solution/goal. You can still approach those. Happy to chat about what that may look like btw - would need to hear more about what kind of projects you work on. 
  • Even though right now it might take a long time to find even 1 or 2 opportunities, over time this will come down.
  • Important to reframe your thinking about the system away from trying to get the ultimate perfect lead machine on day one and instead consider that even 1 or 2 leads per week add up - if pursued consistently. Over 6 months, for example, it's only a matter of time until you land a large contract with even 1-2 additional leads per week. 
Here are some links from the video:

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