How freelancers can protect their copyright

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How freelance writers can protect their copyright — and why it matters

Retaining ownership of your work can mean bigger paydays down the road.

He suggests two strategies to protect your IP Portfolio in the long term:
  • License your work. Instead of signing over the copyright, a creator can license the usage of their works for a set amount of time (2 years, 5 years, etc.). This allows for the work to still be used by the client, but the rights to the work will still remain with the creator, and potentially allows them to continue to monetize their work after the license ends.
  • Limit the use of your work. Instead of allowing clients to hold all the rights to any derivative of the work, a creator can limit its usage to a specific medium. For example, dictating in the contract that an article that can only be published in a digital format, or a graphic design that can only be used in the context of a pamphlet. This allows creators to retain control of their work and ensure that if any opportunities for derivatives of the work come up, they’ll be involved in the process.

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