Hi, I'm Rob! I run Folyo.

 wrote this 10 months ago in Freelancer News

Folyo: Get Great Leads On-demand for Your Web Agency

Folyo has helped thousands of small web shops add $1M+ in client revenue each year since 2013. Join the community today to get started.


Ok, you already knew that.

Incase you don't know me that well, I run this community which is a part of Folyo, and am working on a new community management app called Inter (it's what this community runs on).

I live in Southern California, in a city called Menifee. We just bought a house here in 2019. 

I've been running this business since 2013 (when it was called Workshop). And the mission of this place is simple: to make finding life-changing client work easy for everyone.

I'm here to help everyone with anything when it comes to finding clients in their business.

Growing up I was obsessed with MLB Showdown and ran online Baseball Mogul leagues with Geocities and AIM. I attribute that time to my success, mostly. 😅

I hope you get a lot out of this site. Let's get it started!

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