Hi I'm Benjamin from Brighton UK

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Hello, I'm Benjamin! I'm currently screenprinting a run of custom tees and hoodies for a mentoring scheme charity in Brighton UK who help people with mental health difficulties get out into their local communities and attend gigs, for example.

Learn more about them here: Gig Buddies

I'm tendering providing print on demand services for an athletes brand moving ops form the USA to the UK, so they're looking for a UK print partner. This is probably my highest value lead, so that one's a bit challenging as such capacity doesn't really exist yet!

I'm also helping a signed experimental music artist in London produce their first line of personally branded apparel for sale on their Bandcamp store. We are starting with tiny volumes of up to 20, with pre-orders slowly rolling in. I'll be shipping these in about a week.

You can find out more on my website which I haven't really updated in about 5 years. I have a background  in HTML5/LESS/SASS but I hit pause on web development because it drove me nuts and my employer ran out of money anyway. I sold my first product aged 14 which was a website for a now Hollywood director, learn about them here (they recently directed Gangs of London). Before that I painted Tech Decks and sold them for £5 each in the playground. I'm still self-employed and I like it that way, offices don't work for me or anyone else.

I'm actually an artist with a burgeoning skill set broadly in the creative arts. One thing everyone may as well know about me is I am high functioning autistic so I approach learning as a polymath and if I am missing a skill, I learn it. It's hard for some people to understand that I can actually do a wide range of things, but I guess that's easier to make sense of when they start to recognize my neurodiversity. For more information on the weird art stuff that barely makes any sense (but I've written tens of thousands of words on the subject) go to my website.

There is generally speaking a mystery word count on everything that gets typed into the Internet, so I will wish everyone good evening and happy consulting! I don't say freelancing because I did too much of it for free.


Hey Ben! Welcome to the club! Your exhibitions are awesome! You've got a lot in the works. What does the tender process look like for an on-demand printing service like this?

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