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I have been through the Endless Clients program and have found it very valuable.

But there is one area I am struggling with a bit which is finding enough good leads from UK companies. Most of the RFPs I come across are from the US/Canada etc.

I have tried playing around with some of the terminology such as tender / RFP and entering London/UK etc as an additional search terms but I feel like I am misusing something in terms of finding a steady source of good quality RFPs for the UK.

Do you have any specific advice for UK companies like ours?


Hey Chris! Good stuff. 

Based on some Google searches I just did, here are some tips for you on finding UK-based contracts. It looks like in the UK, the two most well-known and used sites where contracts are advertised are:
  • TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) 
    TED publishes all notices advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). Contracting authorities must abide by strict rules whereby all contracts over a certain value must be published here regardless of whether they are published anywhere else or not. Usually this means contracts over £100k (although there are some around £60k).
  • Contracts Finder
    This is a UK Government website, which lists contracts over £10k. It also links to additional, similar sites for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but doesn’t claim to be solely for England, so there may be some cross-over.
These look like primarily public sector organization however, I was able to find some private companies on there as well. I do prefer pursuing contracts from private companies whenever possible.

Tips for Incorporating These Sites Into Your Endless Clients System
  • TED provides RSS feeds by country and sector which you can input into Feedbin or similar RSS reader to keep track of all tenders in one place.
  • This Guide to TED explains what the different types of search terms are and how you can use them to narrow down your search so that you only see contract notices that are of interest to you. The guide is TED-specific but a lot of the terminology, e.g. 
  • CPV codes seem to be used across the procurement world in the UK. These are codes that indicate the industry for the type of work they're looking for, so very useful to have when searching. For example, the CPV code for website design work is: 72413000: World wide web (www) site design services.
Additional UK Government procurement sites:
Regional procurement portals and purchasing agencies:
Regional Business Growth Hubs:
  • LEP Network
    There are 39 regional business growth hubs. You can find your region’s hub via the map at the above link. Some hubs have an area on their site specifically for tenders; if your hub doesn’t, try searching for ‘tender’ or ‘opportunities’ in the search bar.
NHS (direct and purchasing organisations):
  • JISC (Digital procurement for higher and further education)
Government agencies:
Hope that helps!

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