Hello, Folyo Community! I'm a Product Designer (UX/UI) based in Sydney, Australia. I run madeup.studio, a low-code Product Design Studio.

I also curate no-code & low-code articles & tools on a site called MakeStuffUp.Info. Last month, we added Airtable, Thunkable & Smaply to the site. We've migrated from Notion to Airtable recently & it's been working great for us.

I've been working as a designer for almost a decade. The pandemic has really given me the confidence to build a fully-distributed team, with the structure popularised by Gumroad & Automattic. madeup.studio doesn't have an office & any full-time employees including myself.

I also draw. You can learn more about me & everything I do on my website.

I learned a lot about how to run a business from Rob so I'm honoured to be a part of this community. Can't wait to talk more with y'all.