Hello Community! I'm Cindy from Boston, MA

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I'eshia & Co.

A Boston Web Design & SEO Company


Hi I'm Cindy from Boston, MA!

I am just starting to ramp of my lead generation for my Web Design & SEO business (I have been going at it at a much slower pace for the past 2 years). I am looking to provide done for you services to the plumbing & general contracting industries (I was previously considering Interior Designers & Architects). My website is currently under construction, it's been through quite a few re-designs, but it's getting better and speaking more to my  ideal clients. The link is still provided down below:)

Something un-work related that's interesting about me is the fact that I MUST sleep with the fan on all year long! Lol!

Favorite Resource from the past month: Dubsado & www.iworker.co (for VA's)

Question: Does the Endless Client program work best if your searching for opportunities via RFPs? I ask because I am focused on increasing the leads within my business, but what I've seen so far via the referral newsletter, isn't resonating with me. It's only been 3 weeks today, but I'm not sure what to think. (Any thoughts Robert???)


Hi Cindy!

That's a very interesting niche. What lead you to focus on those types of businesses?

How do you find most of your clients?
Hi Cindy. To answer your question about Endless Clients – yes! 100%. A lot of the modules focus on the RFP process in addition to sources like LinkedIn, Slack, Google and job sites. I wrote this on how to find and pitch RFPs recently which may be a good starter. It actually includes a video from the program on it.

I'd also be curious to hear your perspective about how you use Dubsado. I'm hearing it more and more lately.

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