Hello I'm Kieranne from Southern California.

 wrote this 10 months ago in Freelancer News
Hi there, Kieranne here from the Folyo team. In case you’re wondering, its pronounced keer-rin ;)

I am the head of customer support for Folyo. I am usually the one responding to your emails. 

I am a 29 year old California native and I have a degree and elementary teaching credential. But these days I spend as much time as possible in my backyard hammock.


Hi, Kieranne! Nice to meet you! And that backyard hammock sounds awesome!!!! That's the lifestyle I'm aiming for, once work is done:) I'm like, kind of over frigid Boston!
Hi Kieranne, thanks for the post and welcome. I'm looking forward to the Disney Institute Customer Service Course review you're working on! 😁

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