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Facebook Ad Not Converting

 wrote this 12 days ago in General
I started running a Facebook ad for my agency and it's been a while since I've done so. My ad seems to be getting low clicks and no conversions. I am not sure where the issue could be, to be honest. Here is the link to the landing page: attached is a screenshot of the ad.
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Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


An idea I was given is to make a video of me speaking about my offering rather than using a stock photo. I love that idea. I was also told maybe my offering of a free website report is to villian. I should offer something that people will go "wow, I can not believe this is free" I am just not sure what that offering may be. Any ideas?

I redesigned my Facebook ad creative, also decided on a service I could sell that would attract small business owners. My landing page has been updated as well.

Screenshot_20210904-223004_Facebook Ads.jpg 285 KB

Hey Amy, 

Interesting changes. Keep us updated on how the click / conversion rates are effected. I haven't experimented much with Facebook ads, but know a couple people who are in the space. I'd like to have them come by and give some advice to members if that sort of thing is interesting. Overall I think the new ad is an improvement. Good luck with it.

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