Exclusive IT Innovation Foundation Web Development RFP

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ITIF | Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

ITIF is an independent, nonpartisan research and educational institute focusing on the intersection of technological innovation and public policy. Recognized as one of the world’s leading science and technology think tanks, ITIF’s mission is to formulate and promote policy solutions that accelerate innovation and boost productivity to spur growth, opportunity, and progress.


Just got an email from the vice president at ITIF (Information Technology and Innovation Foundation) about a new RFP they're putting out to hire a web development agency. They're looking to migrate their existing site from Drupal 7 to a newer platform (either a more recent version of Drupal or another CMS, including a headless CMS option), as well as continue to support the organization with a maintenance contract.

We mostly publish a mix of short articles (800 words) and larger reports (e.g. 20+ page reports), including many with footnotes and endnotes, so we're particularly interested in working with someone who can help us streamline our publication process.

Here's a copy of the RFP

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