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ConvertKit and blog post lead attribution

 wrote this about 1 month ago in General
Two things that have helped me get clarity about which pages on my website are bringing in leads.

The first is: I created a new naming system for all of my ConvertKit forms:
convertkit-naming-convention.png 279 KB

Previously, I'd use one form in numerous different ways and so the data ConvertKit showed me told me nothing.

But by creating a unique form for each possible opt-in location on my website, I'm able to have an accurate look at which forms bring in the most leads.

The naming on all of my forms follow the same pattern:

[Where I can find the form - How I can edit it] Where on my site it is - The offer

This makes maintaining the forms and understanding exactly what form is where a lot easier.

The second thing I did was create 5 custom fields:
These custom fields are where WordPress or ConvertBox (what I use to create pop-up forms) tells ConvertKit what page a lead is on when they sign up. (These fields are hidden from users on the page.)

This is valuable information because I want to know if there are pages that are bringing in the bulk of my sales so I can create more of them.

It also lets me track opt-in and conversion rate on specific pages. Here's what that looks like:

I created this spreadsheet by hand but eventually, I want to get Zapier to pipe in this data automatically.

Note: I had a small bug that threw off my numbers (not all subscribers were getting assigned a sign up page - so it rendered these numbers unusable). This has now been patched and in about 3-4 months I’m going to pull the numbers again and create the spreadsheet above again.

The goal here is to see if there are certain topics that bring in more leads (and more importantly customers) so that I can focus my content creation efforts around those topics.

I'm not sure how other people do this but I've found there is basically no good information online about this topic. 

And hey, this important stuff!

Tracking where your customers and clients come from should be a standard operating procedure for every business.

Yet I was never able to find even a single blog post that touched on this subject or provided a solution so passing along mine.


I got a question about what I use for forms so I thought I'd drop the answer here too. For my exit intent pop-up and a slide-in form in the bottom left corner I use ConvertBox

Otherwise, I embed a bare-bones version of CK's code via Wordpress using Matt Giovanisci's  streamline CK snippet found here.

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