Best Agency and Freelancer Resources

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When a new member signs up for our community, we ask them to share their favorite resource they use in their business. 

Below is a list of the best apps, tools, training and more – chosen and ranked by real agency owners and freelancers. 

I'll try to keep this list updated, so please post your favorite resources in the comments below (along with a short review of what makes it great). 

Best Training Programs

Best Job Sites for Agencies and Freelancers

Best Business Blogs for Agencies

Best Design Blogs for Agencies

Best Project Management Apps for Agencies and Freelancers

  • Best Overall: Slack
  • Best for Large Teams: Teamwork
  • Best for Ease of Use: Trello
  • Best Time-Tracking App: Noko
  • Best All-in-One Tool for Freelancers:
  •  Best Forecasting App for Freelancers: Cushion
  • Best for SOPs and Notes: Notion

Best Design Tools and Services

Best Legal Services and Tools

  • Best Company Formation in the US: 
  • Best for Company Formation in the UK: 1st Formations
  • Best Business Insurance in the US: 
  • Best for Business Insurance in the UK: With Jack
  • Best Electronic Signature App: DocSketch
  • Best for Sending Money Abroad: TransferWise

Best Stock Design and Photo Marketplaces

Books Recommendations for Agencies and Freelancers

Agree with any of the recommendations above? Disagree?

Post below and let me know!


Hey Folyo peeps,

We recently launched Nookly: an All-in-One Digital Product Audit Template. If you do design audits often, or if you want to improve your products' conversion, engagement & retention without spending too much money, Nookly could be helpful to your process.

Also, check out our resource database: MakeStuffUp.Info. From Ideation to Development & Testing, the site currently has 300+ resources, helping designers & non-technical entrepreneurs build faster with less. 

If you have any feedback or question, please do reach out to me directly. 🤗 

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