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Automatio Weekly Progress Update #12

 wrote this 1 day ago in General
Automatio - No-code Web Automation Tool
Hello everyone, here is last week progress update on

- 💰 Acquired 2 paid users for $99/m package
- 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year
- 📝 Published and distributed a new blog post
- 👨‍🏫 Had 2 sessions with Automatio students
- 📝 Started new blog post


Hi Stefan! This is an interesting tool. Thanks for sharing this update. Glad to see you've shipped and are on your way to building up a business.

A couple questions for you:
  • Are any of your customers freelancers? If so, how are they using it?
  • What are your current challenges and goals for the near future?

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