Applying to Freelance Job Posts as an Agency

 wrote this about 2 months ago in Freelancer News
Here's a good question I got from an agency owner recently that I thought I'd share because it's super common:

Quick question: You've sent some RFPs (niiice). However, What is the chance of an agency winning a job proposal?

I'm not sure if the companies hiring contractors or employees are willing to hire my services, as an agency...

This question came in from a subscriber of my Web Design Leads Newsletter. He's receiving RFPs and other web design leads that he wants to apply to. Here's my response: 

If you're not already applying to all of the RFPs that are a fit for the work you want to do, I'd start there.

I'd think about how you can you apply to all of them before moving on to the job/freelance contract type work?

One of my favorite resources for proposal templates is still Bidsketch. They have a great selection of templates on a wide range of services, including big budget website design.

That may help speed up the process of creating proposals enough that you're able to pitch all of the RFPs that you want to pursue. 

Once you're doing that I would definitely consider applying to the other projects that look interesting as well. A friend of mine runs an agency who exclusively looks for full-time job listing to pitch. Why? Because he's found they often have the budget to work with his company. 

I think the part-time and freelance contracts we send in the Newsletter are probably even more open to working with a team than the average F/T listing, so I don't see a problem with contacting them as an agency.

Any companies that aren't open to working with agencies, often write "No Agencies Please" in their job listing. So if you don't see that, you can certainly apply.

Secondly, you don't have to draw attention to the fact that you're an agency by saying something like "hey I know you want a freelancer but have you considered an agency?" at least not right off the bat. 

You can apply or reach out to learn more about the company and project before mentioning the requirement. I say this because I've seen a lot of agency owners / freelancers have a tendency to making the conversation all about how they don't meet some requirement in the job post, instead of highlighting how they might be able to help. 

You certainly don't want to be disingenuous or portray yourself as something you're not... but there's nothing wrong with opening up a conversation and learning more / highlighting how you can help before bringing up the question of whether they're open to hiring an agency instead. 

What do you think?

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